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We’ve been brightening homes and businesses in Ft Lauderdale for the past 18 yrs.

We're South Florida’s premier concierge landscape lighting contractor and holiday decorating service.

  •   We're part of the Décor Group, the largest decorating network in the world.   more . . .

    We’re Florida’s premier concierge holiday decorating service and Christmas lighting custom design and Installation Company. We proudly specialize in servicing Florida’s Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

  •   We've been around for eighteen years. more  . .

    We've been brightening Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses since 2001.

  •   We’re fanatics about training our team. more  . . .

    Our continuing education includes new installation methods; technique training, comprehensive electrical training, and ladder and roof safety training, to name just a few.

  •   About our Founder. more  . . .

    David is an internationally known Christmas design specialist. Before starting a holiday decorating service in 2001, he hosted “Elegant Holidays” a one-hour holiday decorating show on QVC. David also owned and operated other Christmas related businesses including Ft. Lauderdale’s, A Christmas Place, twice awarded “Best Retail Christmas Shop in America” by the Noel Association. Each year Christmas Place customers would ask David to personally help them decorate their homes. That led him to join the Décor Group and form a Fort Lauderdale based concierge holiday lighting and decorating business. As the holiday business grew, once again his customers asked David to design and install year-round landscape lighting.

  •   We live and breathe home décor. more  . . .

    Many landscapers, electricians and gardeners dabble in landscape lighting and holiday decorating. We live and breathe it all year long. Our landscape lighting installations are all unique and considerably more sophisticated.

  •   We only use premium quality components.  more  . . .

    Performance, longevity and aesthetics are the primary drivers behind all of the lights and components we use. For example, our LED lights cannot be bought at a store – they are especially designed by the Décor Group, manufactured according to rigid specifications and then field tested. All of the components we use are UL commercial grade. Moreover, Décor Group landscape lights carry a limited lifetime guarantee.


Here are a few of our installations.


We may have anticipated your question..

  •   Can you provide references?   more . . .

    Of course. We're happy to.

  •   How many customers do you serve? more  . .

    We like to keep it very personal. About ninety-two percent of our holiday customers are repeat customers, so given that the holiday season is short,  we’re only able to take on a few select new holiday projects each year. Needless to say, for non-holiday landscape lighting, we’re more flexible about taking on new business. Even so, given our follow-up service commitments, we can only take on a handful of new installations each year. We’d love to hear from you.

  •   Do you carry liability insurance? more  . . .

    Yes. What's more. Our policy is specially written to cover outdoor lighting installations and indoor holiday decorating.

  •   About how much will it cost to light my property? more  . . .

    Each installation is customized to the property or business. You can invest as much, or as little as you want. Each proposal is presented with a number of options. Moreover, we can stage the installation over a number of years as your foliage matures. Most landscape lighting installations start at $1,500.

  •   Do we own the lights or are they rented to us? more  . . .

    You own all the year-round outdoor landscape lights that we install. The lights and other materials we use for holiday installations are leased to you

  •   Will you install outdoor lights that we already own? more  . . .

    It depends. Generally speaking though, no.  Sorry, we can't warranty lights we do not provide.

  •   Will we need an electrician? more  . . .

    In most cases, No. Almost 100% of the lights we install are low voltage – LED. But in very large installations, additional power sources may be needed. We’ll survey your electrical and let you know in advance.

  •   What's the difference between landscape and architectural lighting ? more  . . .

    Good question. While the terms are often used interchangeably, the primary purpose of architectural lighting is to feature specific aspects of a structure (such as your home). Some of the tricks of the trade are: using consistent illumination between fixtures, hiding lights behind shrubs, and, to the extent possible, using gentle, indirect lights that also help light walkways, patios, decks and other spaces more pleasantly than using larger flood lights. Landscape lighting on the other hand refers to illuminating outdoor space such as footpaths, gardens, shrubs, trees, patios, walkways, swimming pool areas, and outside decks. The secret to landscape lighting is to use indirect light wherever possible: They should never shine down on people with enough illumination to make them have to look away, lights should be used to create ambiance; and lights should be hidden to the extent possible – in or close to the ground. As a rule of thumb, multiple small gentle lights are usually better than one big bright light.


Each home deserves an original design. Our design team combines your goals, ideas and vision with our creativity and expertise

 We’ll help you imagine the possibilities.  Lights can be both functional and aesthetic. They can dramatize, highlight and accent. We’ll walk you through it, sketch it out, present you with a plan and provide you with options. Our “Garden-scape” approach to night-lighting is a creative way to showcase your home and property.

  • Pathway/stair safety
  • Highlight (high/low) dimension of foliage
  • Showcase stone wall


Customer Goals


It’s all about your property, not about our lights. If we do our job right, no one will even notice the lights.

Low-voltage, LED lighting is more economical to install than high-voltage systems.  Here are some reasons to invest in landscape lighting. Safety: Slips, trips and falls can frequently occur at night. Outdoor lighting can be used to illuminate pathways, walkways and steps to allow for better visibility. Security: Exterior lighting can be a significant deterrent to crime. Functionality: If you love spending time outdoors you can increase the beauty and usability of your yard.  Curb appeal: Landscape lighting complements and highlights your home and property’s best features after the sun sets. Dimension: Landscape lighting can create dramatic focal points around your home and highlight all of the best features of your property. Techniques include using spotlights to highlight focal points, up-lights to softly highlight trees and silhouette lighting to showcase evergreens and plants. Home Value: Professionally installed landscape lighting has been proven to increase the value of homes.

We don’t hang signs in front of your home or business. If you drive by one of our installations, you’ll notice that there won’t be a Décor Group sign in front of the house. That’s because we don’t believe it is right for us to advertise on your property. Moreover, you probably won’t notice the lights either. And, that’s because we believe our job is to showcase your property, not show-off our products.


How many things in life are guaranteed for life?

 All of the lights we sell carry the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. They offer high quality, trouble-free operation with superb performance and aesthetic.  Most every fixture is solid brass.

Ironically, landscape lights shouldn't draw attention -- your property should.

Here are just some of the many fixtures we offer.


We'd love to hear from you.

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